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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blog No. 48 - Blink 182 Greatest Hits (CD)



Blink 182

Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker

Label: Geffen Records

Bibliographic Information:
Members: Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker
Released November 1, 2005
Geffen Records
Grade Range: 9 and up, Age Range: 14 and up
Running Time: 51 minutes

Blink 182: Greatest Hits is Blink 182’s first and only compilation album, although the band has five studio albums.

Album Summary:
This album is Blink 182’s first compilation album, and contains the following songs:
Carousel 3:10
M+M’s 2:35
Dammit [Radio Edit] 2:45
Josie [Radio Edit] 3:05
What’s My Age Again? 2:28
Adam’s Song 4:06
Man Overboard [Radio Edit] 2:47
The Rock Show [Radio Edit] 2:48
First Date 2:50
Stay Together for the Kids 3:52
Feeling This [Edited] 2:53
I Miss You 3:47
Down [Single Version] 3:12
Always 4:17
Not Now 4:23
Another Girl Another Planet 2:41

Critical Evaluation:
According to many young people ages 13 to 25, Blink 182 is the best punk band to have ever existed. One teen even said, “Blink 182 has touched us and made our teenage years easier”. After listening to this album, I completely understand the strong appeal that this band has to teenagers. Most songs are about teen angst and address the most common dilemmas in the teenage life: parents, young love, and growing up. “First Date”, as can be imagined, is about the awkwardness of a first date, and making the most of a Friday night: “In the car I just can’t wait/To pick you up on our very first date/Is it cool if I hold your hand?/Is it wrong if I think it’s lame to dance?” The fun, carefree spirit of Blink 182’s songs make them popular, even after almost ten years of the original releases. Another fun loving song is “Josie”, which is about a girlfriend who, to put it plainly, just “rocks”. The music video for “Josie” also happened to be filmed at Westlake High School, and many of the students that attend today are more than willing to brag about that fact. Blink 182 also has a softer side, but is never boring. “Adam’s Song” and “I Miss You” have a slower, sadder sound, but still manage to “pump you up”. This album is the epitome of teenage life, with an upbeat and punk feel.

Interest Age:
I recommend this album (and any other Blink 182 album) for older teens, due to some curse words and inappropriate subject matter. Middle school kids would most likely be embarrassed by much of the content in these songs, making it ideal for teenagers in high school.

Blink 182 was originally formed by Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, and Scott Raynor in 1992 in San Diego, California. The name actually started as “Blink” but had to be changed to “Blink 182” due to copyright issues of a band in Ireland with the same name. Once the band started working with record companies and releasing the albums Cheshire Cat and Dude Ranch, Raynor left due to alcoholism. He was soon replaced with Travis Barker of The Aquabats for Blink 182’s US tour, and soon Barker permanently joined the group. The band reached mainstream success with Enema of the State and continued that success through their fourth album, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket.
Challenge Issues:
Some inappropriate language. CD contains an advisory label.

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