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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blog No. 26 - Justine Magazine LLC

GENRE: YA Magazine for girls

Title: Justine
Publisher/Editorial Director: Jana Kerr Pettey

Bibliographic Information:
Softcover 96 pages
Publisher: Justine LLC
Universal Magazine Code (UMC): 6883
Reading Level: Grade 7 and up
Reading Age: Grade 9 and up

Reader’s Annotation:
A magazine for and about real teen girls.

Justine Magazine focuses on a healthy teen lifestyle, and real, down-to-earth young women. There are sections called just’beauty, or just’fit, just’style, just’life, just’give, just’media and just’your thoughts. These sections contain various articles that depict real teens as models and real teen issues. Even the ads are better—they feature YA books for young women, products for health care, and some products for beauty. This is NOT Teen Vogue. It’s REAL. There is a section called Inkpop, which helps aspiring writers, for instance. The Just’media section reviews ten books bimonthly, giving teens an idea about what they might like to read (Graceling, Fallen, Some Girls Are are a few examples).

For example, the February/March issues have some prom articles, featuring hairstyles or makeup tips, and there are several article that feature athletes who have Olympic aspirations. There is an advice column called “He Said-She Said” that gives perspectives from the girls’ and the boy’s points of view on certain subjects.

Critical Analysis
This is a healthy alternative to Teen Vogue, featuring real teens with real life questions providing a positive role model for girls without the glam and the attitude and the pretentiousness of Teen Vogue. Some might find this a bit tame, bit I personally find it very refreshing to girls who are looking for people who look like them. Literally. There are no anorexic models, or no models that are 25 or older trying to look young. It is editorially responsible, and does not contain mixed messages, the way so many other magazines do. I really admire this magazine.

About the Magazine Staff:
Publisher/Editorial Director Jana Kerr Pettey
Managing Editor: Elizabeth Boone
Art Director: Karin Long
Fashion Coordinator: Julie Weaver
Beauty/Style Coordinator: Janice Compton
Special Projects: Monica Hudson
Graphic Coordinator: Jamie Laybourn

Booktalking Ideas:
Not applicable.

Challenge Issues:

Why I chose this magazine:
We subscribe to it at my high school library.

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